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The world's first website exclusively dedicated to the Frontier Markets. Frontier Markets Compendium is a centralized resource for extensive research on 64 frontier markets with 24/7 news feeds and commentary from regular contributors. View our latest testimonials

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From the Editor...

“For business and personal reasons, the current owners of have decided to close the site effective December 31, 2016 unless a buyer or buyers can be found.

If you, or a group of you, are interested in having full access to the site cost-free for 30 days in order to evaluate the entire site, please contact John Kornet at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (781) 923-1625 and we will set it up.

FMC’s Mission

To provide specific information for prospective investors to assess the opportunities and challenges in their pursuit of potentially higher, less correlated, returns than are achievable in the more developed markets.

To focus on the plight of the world's billion-member underclass and how, with current, comprehensive and unbiased information ideas might evolve to lessen that plight.

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